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Anderson: veteran guide Roach ready to return to work safely on the Thousand Lakes

ON LAKE THOUSAND LAKES – Unable to book paying customers when Minnesota’s summer fishing began on May 9, Tony Roach was nonetheless on this large lake that day, throwing a jig and retrieving it by making the boat a walleye afterward. the other. Like other Minnesota fishing guides from Winona to Warroad, Roach’s company ( […]

Fishing guide

Stardew Valley Fishing Guide: Bait, Best Fish, and How to Make a Stardew Valley Fishing Rod

Of all the relaxing activities in Stardew Valley, fishing is the most delicate. Getting to grips with the mini-game can be more stressful than entering a cave overrun by monsters with only a rusty sword and a fist full of even cave carrots. It takes time, patience, and a steady hand to become a master […]

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Coronavirus: fishermen and workers affected by the cessation of fishing activity at Sassoon wharf in Mumbai

While some Mumbaikars are running out of fish on their plates, the closure of Mumbai’s largest fish market on the Sassoon docks has left many unemployed. With less than two months into the monsoon season, the iconic Colaba market in South Mumbai never gets bored all year round. However, the place now takes on a […]