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Fishing is one of the many ways trainers can catch Aquatic Pokémon in Pokemon BDSP. The process is quite simple and uses different fishing rods. In this guide, we will tell you how exactly fishing works in Pokemon BDSP, how to get different fishing rods and the differences between them.

Pokemon BDSP Fishing

Fishing is a fairly straightforward mechanic in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as it was in previous generations of the Pokemon franchise.

Trainers just need to go to the lakeside and press the A Button to cast their line, then press it again when an exclamation mark appears.

The Pokemon you encounter in the water in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is completely dependent on the fishing rod you unlocked. The better your equipment is, the more characters you will be able to capture.

How to get an old rod

The Old Stick can be acquired by speaking with the Fisherman at the West Gate of Jubilife City, which leads to Route 218. Even before your first arena battle, you can reach Jubilife City.

Best Pokémon to Catch with Old Rod

You can easily catch Magikarp on routes 218 and 204 using the Old Rod in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

How to get a good rod

To unlock the Good Rod in Pokemon BDSP, speak with the Fisherman on Route 209, just east of the entrance to Hearthome City.

It will ask you if you agree that the Good Rod is good or not. Yes, is the correct answer. After that he will give you the Good Rod.

Best Pokemon To Catch With A Good Rod

After receiving the Good Rod on Route 209, you can instantly locate Magikarp at level 20 and above. Simply upgrading him once will turn him into Gyarados, giving you a type advantage against some Gym leaders.

You’ll also be able to catch Golden and Fineon with the Good Rod.

How to get a super cane

The super rod can be located in the northeast part of the map, in the combat zone. The fisherman will be outside the north tunnel once you get to the small area.

Best Pokémon to Catch with Super Rod

After unlocking the Super Rod, you can easily catch Luvdisc in Pokemon Arena, Sharpedo on Route 213, and Seadra on Route 216.

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